Hana Kimi (Japan) Synopsis

Written by | April 9, 2008
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Hanazakari No Kimitachi E (Hana Kimi) Ikemen Paradise is a twelve episode drama starring Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki, Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi and Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi. It is based on the Japanese manga, Hana Kimi which is written by Hisaya Nakajo. 

Ashiya Mizuki is a Japanese girl from California who disguised herself as a boy to study in the all boys school Osaka Gakuen. A year ago, she saw Sano Izumi in a high jump competition and began to idolize him. Unfortunately, Sano Izumi injured himself in an incident that involved Ashiya Mizuki and he stopped high jumping ever since. Ashiya blames herself for what happened and promised to make Sano high jump again. The only way she can do it is to enroll in the same school as Sano and act as a boy. Can she do it?

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  • arina

    i love sano izumi…

    because..he’s very handsome…
    and i like with ashiya mizuki..

    wish you luck..

  • lara


  • Julie Tran

    I’ve watched the whole Japanese Hana Kimi though at the moment I’m watching my favourite parts.

    I was wondering what episode/part when Nakatsu finds out shes a girl. Cause I forgot how he finds out.

  • admin

    I had to review the episodes to remember. It was in episode 9 when Nakatsu saw Ashiya in the shower. He was trying to get some shampoo and saw her naked. Lol.

  • http://jpop Ines

    waaaaaawwwwwww what a handsome boys!!!!!!! i’m in love with japenses boys
    i love japan

  • http://jpop Ines

    i love japan

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  • nisha

    i loved them its amazing hw they act it nearly made me cry but also makes me happy***

  • http://Hallyudorama Rebecca

    does Ashiya get him to jump again? i have limited internet and fell out with the friend whoms house i was watching it at but really wants to know what happend

  • Hanneebuff

    Yes. Sano was able to jump again (with Ashiya as his inspiration. :D)

  • Nuwanda

    Does anyone know where to find this? I tried netflix but unfortunately, its not there. :(

  • Sarcastic Midget

    Nuwanda, you can watch the first eight episodes on youtube and the others on http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/hana-kimi/

  • aryana

    i very japanese drama very much….

  • dyang


  • http://www.facebook.com Hera

    I Love Nakatsu Suichi or Ikuta Toma in this dorama.
    He’s very nice and so handsome…
    I like his hair style..It’s so,,,cool…
    Just like in Japan cartoon…

  • http://123456789 arisawa sasori

    i like sano izumi n Nakatsu Suichi